UCIM Pitcher Perfect Hosts The Government-Backed Exchange Platform
Published on 26 Jun 2019

An innovative idea with inadequate funding is such a waste of talent, efforts and future technological advancements. Prolific projects often end up wasting huge amounts of money in organizing meetings with investment funds, traveling to different locations investing their precious time, only to find everything in vain. The time they could have utilized in working on their product or other crucial areas gets wasted in the search of funding. A lot of projects soon give up and the industry loses a chance to host these disruptive projects.

Several events and conferences held throughout the year at different locations come to the rescue of these projects and start-ups. UCIM Pitcher Perfect is one such event that provides startups an opportunity to meet, dine and network with influential industry leaders and investors to leverage the opportunity of providing the necessary fuel to kickstart their project. It recently hosted a few disruptive projects in its third edition on 21 June in Hong Kong hosting Bcnex and other projects.

Bcnex is a government-backed full-service trading exchange providing ease of access with a high level of security for anyone who wishes to trade, buy and sell digital assets. Built on microservices architecture, the exchange is customer-centric, highly secure and stable, meeting all the requirements of traders. The exchange provides a user-friendly interface and offers a seamless integration between blockchain technology and traditional exchanges to maximize traders profit and market liquidity.

“Our goal is to create a blockchain-based exchange that is accessible and affordable for all users for leveraging the benefits of crypto trading. We will democratize cryptocurrency trading by delivering a user-focused framework that offers seamless integration between blockchain-based digital assets and traditional exchanges.” - Mr. Nguyen Anh Dung, CEO Assistant, and Partner at BCNEX.

From participating in 5-minute pitching round to attending private meetings with investors and networking over dinner and drinks, Bcnex leveraged the opportunities floating around within the event space. The project presentation by Mr. Dung intrigued the audience and the expert jury and was then asked questions by experienced professionals. A panel discussion covering the topic ‘New Investments flowing into the markets of crypto and blockchain’ was also held between the pitches which provided a learning curve to the audience.

“Disruptive innovation is the need of the hour, and we make efforts to guide these startups creating unique products, in the right direction to meet their investment needs. Hosting Bcnex at our third edition was a memorable experience and we look forward to hosting more of such disruptive projects in the future.” - Project Head at UCIM.

UCIM kickstarted its journey in November 2018 from Singapore, with the motive of offering a middle ground between the traditional structures of centralization and the disruptive ideas of a decentralized economy. Soon after the two-day conference, UCIM envisioned to create a platform with a broader perspective of enabling an ecosystem, where finding the right investment opportunities and receiving funding to fuel ideas was streamlined the same way fiat currency disrupted the traditional barter system. The vision transformed and took shape of 3 editions of Pitcher Perfect held in Singapore, Berlin, Hong Kong respectively, and many more places to be marked on the world map.

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