Three Reasons Any Cryptocurrency Enthusiast Should not Miss Pitcher Perfect
Published on 28 Feb 2019

United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM) has been creating ripples with its events centered around roundtables, understanding the needs of both investors and startups, and creating a unique environment sparked by the brilliant ideas of cryptocurrency. After a successful edition in 2018 hosted in Singapore, another event Pitcher Perfect is set to solidify important progressions in 2019.

Famous for the encouraging formal and informal setups to spark meaningful conversation on the latest adoption of blockchain technologies, forming partnerships amongst like-minded people, Pitcher Perfect is an event for everyone who sees a future in and with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

UCIM brings together individuals who genuinely believe in and actively promote the concept of internet money. For those who can see the disseminating walls between the physical and digital worlds of finance, blockchain and internet money open up new avenues for them to widen their horizon. If these reasons are not enough, read on to find out why you must register for this unconventional event.

Bridging the gap between investors and startups

One of the most significant barriers to making innovative technologies available for out of the box products is reaching the right investors. Same for investors; they are continually looking to direct their funds and time towards companies that stand a chance to make it big. Pitcher perfect invites renowned investors, owners of million-dollar established firms in cryptocurrency and blockchain based firms. The intimate and unconventional settings are further meant to emphasize the value of innovation and networking amongst like-minded individuals and start-ups to forge long-lasting business partnerships.

Innovation scaling new heights

Another fantastic aspect of Pitcher Perfect is that it fuels progress among young and innovative minds. When the leaders of this booming technology talk about the evolving world of cryptocurrency, it allows the innovators of tomorrow to discover new opportunities. The aptly mapped out agendas allow the most relevant content to be created and shared among the industry.

Understanding the role of Strategies in the Business

While it all starts as an innovative idea with a motive, anyone who plans to sell it needs a strategic approach. This goes beyond the product. Decisions must be taken strictly from a market standpoint. It includes essential parameters such as the market positioning, pricing strategy, business models and how it eventually would help you cater to a broader audience as well as meet long term clients. When the experts talk, their opinions are driven by personal experiences. To have someone of that stature share their story is enough food for thought. One can always pick up little nuggets of advice and practice them, potentially serving a higher purpose in the long run.

Tickets for Pitcher Perfect are now available on the website. There are also several opportunities for partnering with them available on their website. Startups and small and medium-sized enterprises can also book their spot via the form on their webpage to meet, dine, and network with investors.

Contact Info

Name: Bimlesh Anand
Telegram: @Bimlesh_UCIM
Organization: United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM)
Address: Sentosa Island, Singapore

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