Role of Ambassadors in KuBitX Ecosystem
Published on 26 Nov 2018

With an emerging need for well-equipped and financially inclusive markets, blockchain is being adopted by several enterprises. One such enterprise is KuBitX with an aim to reach emerging regions with little or no access to blockchain-based services. The platform will also provide a one of kind exchange platform with multiple cryptos to fiat exchange and paring. One of the key components of the KuBitX economy is their Ambassador Program.

The program is the first step to enter, analyze and capture the local emerging markets. In addition, it will involve engaging with the local population. A marketing strategy which involves running traditional adverts, social media or digital marketing techniques will not suffice. The desired result can be achieved if it can reach regional people. This, in turn, will form a sound basis for understanding blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and offerings of KuBitX.

Ambassadors will be actively involved with the regional population by bridging the gap between local influencers and people involved in government and regulation. They will catalyze KuBitX's mission and empower its mission of collective market growth. More importantly, Ambassadors will be well equipped with the natives and will have a deeper understanding of the socio-economic sector of each country. KuBitX's seeks to enable the local population as well as the business people for easier crypto to fiat exchanges and make cheaper international payments. The benefits of the Ambassador program will be manifold and will also provide for periodic improvements which will further help KuBitX expand its vision.

KuBitX's strategic partnership with banks and payment providers are supporting it in building a full-fledged financial institution with cryptocurrency integration. This will provide all traditional banking services along with additional services all under one roof. Users can track and spend digital currencies under a single account and connect their account with any existing digital currency trading platform.

With such a comprehensive account and ambassadors to further proliferate seamless development of a revolutionary digital currency economy, the users are sure to get an extraordinary experience. Additionally, developers can design and build their applications. There will be a special provision for merchant processing. This will allow users to convert fiat and cryptocurrencies into any payment form.

The KuBitX economy offers comprehensive and innovative solutions for traders and the natives alike. The economy is rapidly growing in number by providing greater market liquidity and actively contributing in overall growth. The user-compliant platform will allow rapid adoption, which in turn will simplify the remittance processes. This will help the platform establish a credible user base which in turn will increase the liquidity of exchange. Undoubtedly, the platform has a bright future and looks forward to ease the complexity in financial markets.

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