FortFC the Unique Cryptoliquidity Aggregator
Published on 11 Mar 2019


The main idea of the FortFC project is to provide the aggregated liquidity for cryptocurrency via the unique technology - Aggregation Engine.

The prospects of FortFC:

• Forex and crypto brokers
• Crypto exchanges
• Investment funds
• Crypto exchangers
• Payment processing
• Traders
• Institutional investors


We solve one of the most acute issues in the crypto industry - the lack of liquidity on the cryptocurrency market. In addition, we provide a unique opportunity to perform the trading operations simultaneously on several leading crypto exchanges using a single terminal and a single trading account. For example, due to the sharp decrease of liquidity in 2017, almost all participants could not exchange the required volume of cryptocurrencies at the right time, thus, many of them suffered significant losses. However, if our service existed at that time, our customers could have avoided such problems or, at least, leveled them out.

Our solution will allow:

• To solve the problems of the lack of liquidity by combining the trading volumes of several exchanges into one aggregated exchange system
• To provide the best prices in the market regardless of the transaction volume
• To reduce the potential risks of the investors
• To reduce the entry threshold for the new investors, thereby increasing the total trading volume
• To provide a convenient and transparent platform for the cryptocurrency exchange, leveraged trading and hedging
• To provide the client with a single entry point to work with a single supplier of any crypto industry services


FortFC is being developed by the professionals working in the forex and commodity futures markets for more than 10 years, and in the crypto industry for more than 3 years.

Key features of the team:

• time-tested team checked up over the years (the minimum period of stay in the team of each member is 3 years)
• streamlined process of development, testing and releasing in production
• the development process is strictly on schedule according to specified deadlines and goals


FortFC is a part of the international holding FFS, founded in 2010 and specializing in the development of products for fintech industry. The holding also includes an international licensed broker FortFS, which occupies a leading position in Southeast Asia. FFS Holding has more than 150,000 potential customers for the FortFC project.


You can learn more about the project on our website:

White Paper:
Technical Page:
Business model:

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