BLSS Token

Built on the Waves blockchain platform.

About BLSS

ICObliss token (BLSS) is a utility token of ICObliss issued on the Waves blockchain platform which can be used within the ICObliss ecosystem. BLSS is a non-ICO token. The total supply of BLSS is fixed at 20 million with no further issuance.

BLSS is open for trading on the Waves decentralised digital asset exchange (DEX) against 11 currency pairs.

BLSS Utility

Rating rewards

BLSS is issued as a reward for rating ICOs


Users can deposit BLSS into ICObliss to earn higher rating rewards and act as validators

Promotion rights

BLSS holders will enjoy special rights for promotional campaigns on ICObliss

Voting rights

BLSS holders can vote for ICOs to receive free advertising

Advertising fee

BLSS can be used to pay for advertising on ICObliss

BLSS Distribution

BLSS is distributed via 4 methods

Rating ICOs
Inviting friends
Purchase on exchange (Waves DEX)

BLSS Allocation

60% - Airdrop and rewards
40% - Team, marketing, repurchase and rewards
Ticker BLSS
Total supply 20,000,000 BLSS
Circulating supply 20,000,000 BLSS
Asset ID C4Hwc3qrpmAgKMRuDwQgKWpjmUAKY8AG2dnmpukJqjAd

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